Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indie Crush Project Forges Ahead


We've kind of neglected "the business" during our creative process.  EEK!


What we want out of "the business" is to get our message out there and create a community of fellow CRUSHERS.

You can check us out on Twitter & Facebook.

We will be posting daily indie film news, interviews, our indie film "picks of the week," and certainly our progress on meeting  Lisa Cholodenko on our social media outlets.

Look forward to Indie Film News Tues-Sun.

We will be featuring 1 lucky Indie Filmmaker Interview a week on Thursdays at 3.

Our Indie Film "Pick of the Week" will be announced every Tuesday at Noon.


We are excited to share and grow with you.  We can't have an Indie Crush Project without Crushers!  Thanks for crushing with us.


With Crushing Hearts,
Ash & Mel

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