Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hey there Crushers !

So thus far we have seen a project from a mere idea to a film that's in the can.

Now we get the privilege of putting the pieces together...and we're going to do it in a month!

We have an editor on board and a composer waiting in the wings :)

So our actual film is just one component of our INDIE CRUSH PROJECT.

Truly we are beginning a new phase, and this is where YOU come in. 

Lisa Cholodenko is our first indie crush, and you can read more about her in our last post titled " It's A Wrap!

Since our mission was not just to create our own work, but to give back to those who have paved the way, we want to know just how Lisa's work has inspired YOU.

We are looking for your responses to the following questions: 

1) When did you discover Lisa's work? 

2) What's the specific moment from her work that inspired you? 

3) What would you want to say to her if given the chance? 

We are going to choose FIVE PASSIONATE CRUSHERS to interview more in depth for our blog, but more importantly for a CRUSH VIDEO to send to Lisa!

You can post your thoughts directly to this blog at the bottom of this post!

We are so ready for other crushers to come out of the closet and share their love!

Mel & Ash