Friday, January 18, 2013

What She Said!

Well, Melissa basically said what was on my mind. I mean everything-- just flip it and reverse it to stick to me.

Oh perfectionism and expectations.


Seriously, our short is inspired by the themes of acceptance and surrender....

Honestly, I'm just focusing on the fact we had the cojones to make something. Now our cojones need to get grande with the SHARING of our work.

I feel like a little indie lamb that freezes before it takes a next step.

Today we are making a wobbly next step by finding a fantastic musician (and huge Lisa fan to boot!) who is going to create an original score for us. Literally, SCORE FOR US ;)

As for our duty to letting people know about our little project and getting fan responses for Lisa, we are just beginning.

We found that really no one responded to our blog post CALLING ALL FANS. No biggie.

Now we will be exploring social media and asking more specific and pointed questions to see what we can come up with.

Finally, we have been working in a visual medium, so I promise to start adding more video to this blog, or as the cool kids say VLOG.

Thanks to those who have been following along, and even more thanks to the universe for giving us a lesson to learn from!


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