Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snowballing On The Beach

A massive growth spurt has occurred in our baby.  We're so proud/excited/ready to share/have new pictures.

We have a FANTASTIC director (and human!) leading the charge. With his expertise and major steam we've created a genuine snowballing effect with the evolution of our story.

Let's take it back a few weeks, shall we?

(Light snowfall) Melissa and I meet at the general store on Laurel Canyon to be inspired to really clean up our script (creating our third edit). We are completely inspired and enjoy vegan peanut butter carob cookies. We think everyone walking in the cafe-esque store front is unbelievably fascinating. We are left feeling full, though curious as to how our next step would play out-- Would we just hire a DP we knew and self direct? When would we location scout? All the technicals basically were completely up in the air. A genuine two man show.

(Snow storm) :(I'm switching tenses now for some reason...)  Melissa had a brilliant idea and as described in her post just reached out! (Not just-- she made it happen!) She got a BIG BITE. We had a potential director who happened to be a professional cinematographer as well. BONUS, he clearly expressed his love for Lisa and said his wife had worked with her on LAUREL CANYON. :) :) :)

(Snowed in!) We all met. It was a love affair. Ruben is his name and not only did we have a fantastic discussion of the script, characters, and ideas for shooting- he stepped up as Mister Producer and we all went location scouting the next day.

(We make a snow fort with all the snow we have) We found a beautiful spot on the beach that we again, all fell in love with.  After two washings and a two hose downs I'm still trying to get sand out of my Tom's. So worth it.

(We crunch on delicious snow cones)  Melissa and I met at TRAILS in Griffith Park to adjust our script after talking further with Ruben and seeing our location. What a beautiful afternoon under the trees. We discussed our main message now very clearly, and not only felt our script reflected Lisa, but us as well.

We are very excited about the message we are envisioning with this piece.

 (Roads are cleared and we are making snow balls for the big fight!) We've all been emailing like little bunnies (admittedly Ruben and Melissa took the major reigns coordinating people and information-- so grateful) and today we all met up again. (Everyone came to my house and I thrust upon them a Sunset Magazine recipe of roasted grapes and yummy snobby goat cheese...good gracious I love having company).  We went shot by shot. Chose our shoot dates for October 30th and 31st. Worked on nailing down our players. We will have two locations, three actors (including Melissa and I) and a skeleton crew.

 Less than 3 weeks ago Melissa and I were going to be producer, writer, director, actor, make up, hair, wardrobe, props, location scout, permit wrangler, etc. and NOW a strong leader is making it all a reality (plus people waiting in the wings enabling us to be ACTORS on a professional set). What a gift. Christmas has come way earlier than we expected AND we're on the beach enjoying it :)

Enjoy the view... :)

In anticipation of Christmas morning,

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